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Clicking on Results will open a page that will show you your results from the Belote-4 Game. They show who you played with at the table, whether you won or fell, with what result, points earned and the time of the game. You can see the results of other games in the game in the same way by selecting the name of the game from the Drop Down menu.


From Payments you can see the History of your recharges with time, as the table shows the Type of payment (SMS, PayPal, Bank route, etc.), the Description (days, period, charged chips) and the Date of recharging.

Time report

In Time report you can see your activity in the Game by showing the Game you played in, How long you were in the Game and the Date you played.


Profile contains Information about your username. From here you can add and edit First / Last Name, Country, where you are from, your location, as well as additional information in your Profile. You can add, delete, change and customize your photo by clicking the Select photo link and in the page that opens, select from your computer the photo you want to upload. You can also choose whether you want to receive Emails from our Team. Also shown here, Registration date, Registration validity (until what date you have time to play online), Remaining time (if you loaded for hours, not days, shown here), Last online, your language, and your date of birth you date. After making changes, you must click the Save Changes button to save them.

Time transfer

From the Transfer links on the Profile page, located next to your remaining time VIP status in Hours or period and chips, you can transfer to another user in the Game. on the Transfer Link, the window that opens shows the VIP time you have in your account (such as date and days), hours and chips. To transfer, enter the desired quantity (integer, positive number) in the field, from the drop-down menu select Time in days, hours or chips, in the next field enter the name of the User to whom you want to transfer and press the Transfer button. You can transfer a maximum of half of your time minus 30 or half of the chips except for the 10,000 chips you originally received when you registered. You are entitled to one transfer within 30 days. You can use this option only if you have at least one VIP access payment in the last 2 years.

Invite a friend

From here you can invite your friends who are not registered in the Game and thus play together. Upon successful registration, both you and your friend will receive free time to play online. To invite your friend, simply enter his email in the appropriate field, select the language of the letter he will receive and click the Send button. Invitations must be made in accordance with the specified conditions. The processing of Invite a Friend is Automatic and the addition or non-addition of time is done automatically, in accordance with the above rules. The table below shows the status of the invitations you sent.

Find a user

Find a user opens the page where you can search for a user by his username. Just enter your Username and press the Search button. If the user exists, the relevant information about him (with General Account Information) will be displayed, and at the bottom is the Report button, from which you will be able to report an irregularity in someone's profile. If the User does not exist, it will display No such username found.

Forgotten password

If you forget your password for the Game and / or cannot log in to the Game, from Here, you can generate a New Password to log in to the Game. To do this, on the relevant page, enter your Username in the Game and the email with which you registered (the email must be valid and have access to it) and click the Generate new password button. You will also receive a new password and instructions for activating it on your email. You must click on the link at the beginning of the email to activate and use it. (This is done so that someone else cannot change your password). Of course, once you log in to the Game, you can always change your Password from the Game Lobby, from the Bottom-right box, Change Password. (enter your current password once, the new password you want twice and click OK).


From this menu you can see the results for the current tournaments organized in the Game. Initially, the ranking for the game Belot-4 is shown. If you want to see the rankings for other games, just select the name of the game from the drop-down menu. "Tournament" appears in the menu only if there is currently a tournament. In case it is missing from the menu, there are currently no tournaments. You can follow upcoming tournaments from the "Tournaments" section of the site.

How can I become a VIP user?

To find out how you can become a VIP user please follow this link: Become a VIP

What are the advantages if I am a VIP user?

To find out what advantages you have if you are a VIP user please follow this link: Advantages for VIP users