The game is played by two. The number of the cards is 24 from "9" to "A" including. The value of the cards is in the following increasing order: 9=0, J=2, Q=3, K=4, 10=10, A=11. In the game takes part the so-called "Bidding procedures" which the players make in case of a "marriage" (a pair of king and a queen both from matching suit). If this pair is from a suit in trumps it scores 40 points, if not it brings 20 points to its owner. The goal of each deal is to gather 66 points as fast as possible and after a series of deals to finally win the game.

- Rules: The cards are dealt consecutively to the players two times by three cards, turning the next card face up to be a trump. The point of the game is that through out the playing (until the last card is pulled out of the stock) it is not necessary to follow suits or to cover (play a higher card). Every higher card from a given suit beats the lower ones and the suit in trumps beats the other suits. The player who reaches 66 points wins the game. During the game player who has "a marriage" may declare so which brings him either 20 points for an ordinary marriage or 40 points for marriage in trumps. Only a player who has his turn can make the bidding but after he has taken a trick. Another important moment in the game is the opportunity a player who holds the lowest card in trumps - "9" to exchange it for the higher one lying turned up in the stock. This move is possible in case the above-mentioned player has won at least one trick and the stock is not closed. The players are not obliged to follow suits, to trump or to cover as long as there are cards in the stock. In the moment the stock is emptied though the above mentioned rules enter into force. It is also very important for a player to take the last trick, in that case he / she wins by adding to his score another 10 points. This is a stage towards which can move only a player who has estimated that he can gather 66 points i.e. before the stock is emptied. The only condition is the player to have his move. In this case he turns the trump card face e down and declares "Closed". From here on, the play runs as the stock has been emptied. Both players are obliged to follow suits. The player who wins gets 1 point. If his opponent has less than 33 points or does not have a trick at all, the first one gets 2 or 3 points respectively. In case both players have failed to gather 66 points, the one who has taken the last trick wins the game. The winner of the series is the one who first collects 11 points out of the all deals.